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Marriage Part V: Loser Cleans the Toilet


All marriages require decisions be made.

Some are huge, others not so huge. And the rest? Well, I won’t label them.

Let’s just say the stakes are low, the potential to bicker about them high.

For example:

  1. “I will paint a yellow stripe down my face before I let you paint our ceilings yellow.”
  2. “Why can’t I put a pool table in the formal dining room? No one’s gonna sit in there.”
  3. “Don’t touch that pie, we’re taking it with us. And no I’m not making an extra one.”
  4. “Whose turn is it to deep clean the shower?”

When no one’s in the mood to compromise (and all marriages have those moments too) it’s best to have a system in place to handle the trivial stuff. And with the right system, you can avoid the arguments and have fun in the process.

In my house we play for it. Whether it’s a game of billiards (yes, I lost that battle), a chess match, pool laps, or a good ole spar on the Wii, winner gets the verdict and the bragging rights.

A few memories are made, and no feelings are hurt–unless, of course, you count the bruise of a loss.

What are some methods you use to keep the peace with your spouse? I can’t wait to read them.

Until then, I’ve got some toilets to clean. Oh wait…I feel a Stratego match coming on…

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8 responses to “Marriage Part V: Loser Cleans the Toilet”

  1. Funny post! I love your husband’s comment about painting a yellow stripe down his face (I’m assuming you’re the one who wanted to paint the ceiling yellow!). We’re pretty good about compromise after 38 years. But I remember during our first year of marriage my husband wanted to hang his expandable wooden tie rack (with ties) on the bedroom wall and couldn’t understand why I didn’t like it.


    • Actually I’m the painted face lady :-). My husband’s not nearly that dramatic. He wanted the yellow ceilings (though even now I suspect what he really wanted was to get a good enough rise out of me to amuse himself :-). Expandable tie rack on the bedroom wall? Did you dodge that bullet? Sounds like you and I could really swap some funny stories :-).


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