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Marriage Part IV: The Christian Husband

Not being a man, I didn’t see fit to write on this topic myself because–despite what today’s popular culture would have one believe–men and women are just not the same.

Sure I could write about what I think the ideal Christian husband should be, but the end result might be a list of to-dos in the form of projects (especially that custom planter bed I’ve been nagging…uh, asking my husband about), a script of sensationally sappy sweet nothings to say, a how-to guide for emotional tank-filling, and the admonition that he’ll never truly understand his woman because sometimes I don’t understand myself.

And most certainly there’d be a full-fledged course on the saying, “Me having to tell you defeats the purpose.”

But what God has called the Christian husband to be goes beyond meeting felt needs or caving to every feminine whim. And I think that call is expressed wonderfully in Joe Dallas’ Spouse Building which can be read here.

On that same note, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to God for blessing me with such a spouse, and a joyous Happy Anniversary to my husband of eleven years!

jntanniversary2 jntanniversary
Images courtesy of T Cupp Photography

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