Tanara McCauley

Culturally Imagined Stories


A woman had a dream. She walked for miles through fields and deserts, grasslands and marshes, following the sun. It warmed her face and shined in her eyes, making her squint as she journeyed. She pushed aside tall stalks of wheat, trudged through wet sand. Her thighs strained up steep mountainsides. In every place the…

The Cookie Jar

“A cookie jar, though beautiful, will always disappoint if found empty.” My cookie jar is empty. It’s seen a batch or two–maybe–in the months since I returned home from Mount Hermon’s Christian Writers Conference; but for the most part it’s been unoccupied. Relieved of duty. Free of tenants. And for a while I blamed my…


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About Me

Believer. Married mother of three. Oklahoma Native. Sweater enthusiast and dragonfly magnet. WRITER.

Hi, I’m Tanara. Welcome to my site.

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