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Dancing on a Cloud…of Relationships


Dancing on a Cloud. It’s not what I’m actually doing, just the name of the tea I’m drinking; and how I feel after spending a few weeks wrapping gifts, eating good food, reliving past times, and driving the open road.


And though I love being home in Arizona, there’s a certain euphoria to zipping my jacket all the way up because winter is actually cold; and a near manic joy to being able to stick my hand under the bed and look for a kid’s shoe without having to worry if a scorpion will finally get me.

But more than all of that, it’s just being with family. Being the middle sister in a set of three girls all a year apart, and big sister to the coolest, tallest little brother ever, I’m like a kid at Christmas–especially when it is Christmas–when we’re all together again. Add a grandma, a set of in-laws who are like extra parents, old friends, and some of the cutest kids on the planet, and you’ve got yourself one happy writer.


It got me to thinking about relationships and how they are pretty much the core of our lives the short time we live them. They are also the inspiration behind what we read, watch, and listen to. And because much of what I write deals with relationships between people–parents, spouses, strangers, friends, enemies, siblings, and the like–a short series on the topic seems like a great way to start the year.

So for the next few weeks I’ll be highlighting relationships in my posts. I’ll vary it up with some exposition, video, fictional short stories, and maybe a poem or two.

If something strikes a chord, or you have a relationship topic you’d like to see, by all means chime in! That way while we’re relationship exploring, we can get some relationship building going on at the same time.

Stay tuned, and Happy 2013!


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