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Remember (A Song)

Let Me Clarify:

I’ve never considered myself a songwriter. Not officially anyway. Sure I sing songs – louder and more ambitiously than I’ll ever be capable of doing well – in the safety of my home’s four walls. And if I particularly like one, or seven, or thirty, I’ll write them down. It’s a form of worship, one that’s spontaneous and rich with the immediate needs, feelings, or joys contained in the heart. And no matter how bad it sounds, the Lord loves it. It’s His Word and His love that inspire me to sing Him new songs.

What He doesn’t require is for me to do it publicly. But this song was born under special circumstances, and as such required a special response. It was inspired by something very personal; but grew into something I could not claim as mine alone. Somewhere there’s someone, or many, who need to be reminded of who God is, what He does, and how He has given us the greatest gift He could ever give. Of all the things worth remembering on this difficult adventure of life, He’s the most worthy.

The Story of Remember:

As I mentioned Remember was inspired by a very personal and difficult trial so unexpected and with the potential for such destruction that I despaired. I had to admit to the Lord that although He is trustworthy, my heart did not feel trusting. I prayed for a supernatural ability to trust with everything in me, even if my feelings weren’t on board. He and I had an emotional, very transparent conversation that day. And while I prayed, He began to bring to mind all the things – great and small, practical and miraculous – He has done for me.

His Voice spoke to my heart: Remember this? Remember this? And what about this?

And I remembered verses that proclaim who He is: “I am your shield. Your exceedingly great reward.” (Genesis 15:1)

The walls of doubt and the lack of faith began to crumble around me. And emboldened by His nearness – not testing Him but rather feeling very encouraged by His presence – I asked Him specifically, “Today, Father. Take it today.” And in a way that blew my mind, that very same day, He took it.

Writing it Down:

Shortly after, my husband responded to a request from our pastor to give the message that coming Sunday. The message God put on his heart? Remembering what God has done for us. If that didn’t raise one of my eyebrows slightly higher than the other. Knowing my husband (who’s a people person if you ever met one) can come undone when required to speak in an official capacity before a crowd of more than two, I asked jokingly if he wanted me to sing a song to go along with his sermon. I thought it a fitting quip since he’d already confessed his plan to, “Get up there, do a couple cartwheels, stutter, and walk off the stage.”

But he soon put the jokes aside and put me on the program. If he had to cling tight to God and internally pray his way through nerves for two services, what better tangible support than to have his helpmate do the same?

I wrote the song based on that prayer time I had with God. Though I’d resolved to sing a shorter version of it a cappella (since I know zero about writing music or playing instruments) my dear friend Carissa (the violinist) volunteered her husband Chris (the pianist) to come up with the music for it. To wind this story up, I sang it for Chris twice, he came up with that awesome arrangement, and here we are practicing it before church starts. It’s certainly not a perfect rendition. But we encourage you all to look beyond the flaws and imperfections, and remember Him who is flawless and perfect in every way.

God bless you.

9 responses to “Remember (A Song)”

  1. It was a lovely song and I loved the back story. I’m proud off the work you three did. I hope Jon did amazing too. Actually, I’m sure he did.


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