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  • Twice the Miracle

    I could tell by the look in the nurse’s eyes she wasn’t sure I understood what she was saying. We stared at each other, she with one brow lifted in question for some sign of comprehension on my end; me drifting inside myself with a host of “what if’s” tumbling through my mind. My twins, […]

  • The Value of Grace

    Value A: I know I’m not perfect So why even try? Don’t want too much Jesus Just some of his pie And you there, don’t judge me Hold onto that stone Who made you my keeper? My life is my own I’m free now, He said it I’ll live as I choose Your talk about […]

  • Chevy Man Prayer

    He sat alone in the cab of his Chevy Eyes burning, heart heavy He rubbed on the arm that had just been used His blood recycled, his spirit abused He looked to the sky to the One he can’t see Do You know? Do You hear? Some mercy for me? It’s been only weeks and […]

  • What Happens Next?

    My mind is always churning. I comfort myself with the notion that I’m a writer and, as such, my thoughts should walk a creative distance outside the box of normal thinking folks. Honestly, though, sometimes I suspect I’m a blurted comment away from being professionally observed. As for those thoughts I think, they tend to […]

  • Originally posted on Tanara McCauley:
    Let Me Clarify: I’ve never considered myself a songwriter. Not officially anyway. Sure I sing songs – louder and more ambitiously than I’ll ever be capable of doing well – in the safety of my home’s four walls. And if I particularly like one, or seven, or thirty, I’ll write…

  • And the Winner Is…..

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the Truth or Fiction Tuesdays Short Story Series! The votes have been tallied and a random winner has been electronically selected. Before I announce the lucky winner, here are the results of each story in order of appearance: Eyewitness Testimony: Fiction Starting Over: Fiction The Atheists, The Agnostic, […]

  • Angel with a Gun – Truth or Fiction Story 7

    We’ve reached the last installment of Truth or Fiction Tuesdays! If you’re new to the series and would like to participate in the giveaway click here for more information. Angel with a Gun “Don’t worry, okay,” Kenny said, “Rod knows what he’s doing. We’ve done it before.” Sienna threw him a sideways glance then looked again […]

  • The Receipt–Truth or Fiction Story 6

    It’s almost Truth or Fiction Tuesday! And because tomorrow is election day, I am posting the story early and making it an even shorter read. Hope you enjoy… Oh, and make sure you get out and vote! Seventeen dollars and thirty-two cents. That’s how much Naira had to her name before she deposited her weekly […]

  • Newly Wed and Hostile – Truth or Fiction Story 5

    It’s Truth or Fiction Tuesday! To be eligible to win the $25 Amazon gift card remember to cast your vote using the comments box. For detailed instructions click here. Don’t do it! Wisdom called to Tina like a patient friend, and other relevant sayings joined the chorus: “Two wrongs don’t make a right. Be the bigger […]

  • Deadly Intuition – Truth or Fiction Tuesday Story 4

    It’s Truth or Fiction Tuesday! To be eligible to win the $25 Amazon gift card remember to cast your vote using the comments box. For detailed instructions click here. The breeze blew by her with a carefree lilt in it. She tipped her face to the sky and smiled in response to the sun’s gentle warmth on her cheek. It […]