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Culturally Imagined Stories

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  • Warrior Tribe

    We’re a family with tribal roots. African tribes, Indian tribes…even my Anglo background reaches back to the Irish-Scots clans – just another word for tribe. Our ancestors of each variety were warriors and hunters armed with spears, bows, and weapons of iron, striking out on countless missions with the noble goal of providing for and […]

  • When Morning Comes – A Poetic Version

    Night falls As I knew it would Bringing nothing good Though I need the rest Heart faint Leery of the tide Bent to steer this ride Into sure duress Tears break Melancholy glass But this too shall pass? This unbridled storm? Clouds form Gone now are the stars Like a song’s last bars With its memories warm […]

  • The Scorpion Chronicles – First Encounter

    When most people hear the term “Just dropping in,” they think of an unexpected knock at the door by a familiar face. At worst, they’re inconvenienced by the need to go throw on something decent and kick items under the couch. No one associates the phrase with a scorpion landing on your head, then getting […]

  • Just Write Already!

    The hardest part about being a writer…writing. Easy are the ideas, the excitement over the ideas, anticipation of the type of impact the book will have and the response it will receive, and even daydreams of how it all plays out on the big screen. But when I finally scoot up to the computer (after completing random […]

  • Whadaya Mean There’s a Process? – Part 1

    I may be assuming a lot when I write this, but I doubt I’m the only writer who figured once they finally got around to finishing that first novel, all they would need to do is call up a few publishers, let them know the newest best seller was finally done, and whittle out the details […]

  • The Scorpion Chronicles

    You’re probably asking yourself, “What do scorpions have to do with writing?” And for the most part, the answer is, “Nothing.” However, living in Arizona, these creepy little creatures who serve some God-given purpose beyond my understanding have become a constant presence in my life. And because I have limited control over my house sitting in […]