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You’re probably asking yourself, “What do scorpions have to do with writing?” And for the most part, the answer is, “Nothing.” However, living in Arizona, these creepy little creatures who serve some God-given purpose beyond my understanding have become a constant presence in my life. And because I have limited control over my house sitting in their desert, I figure the best way to handle the anxiety they give me is to vent about them from time to time. And who knows? Perhaps one day you and I will look out across the blurry horizon while a dry breeze thumps us and the setting sun fights ’til the last to crack our already parched lips; and we’ll see an army of scorpions facing off against some hero (or heroine) in an epic battle to rid one or the other from the world we were able to create through these blog posts. Writing sci-fi/fantasy is not yet my thing. But we’ll see. Angels and chariots, good and evil, throw some Unicorns in there. Hmmmm….Rather random right now but we’ll keep an open mind. In the meantime, I’ll just keep you updated on the day-to-day battle to keep the little suckers outside.