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Tag: when morning comes

  • Bring on the Fiction!

    It’s been a few months now. I’ve learned to crawl through this blog thing–post a bit about writing, topics related to my book plot, random everyday me stuff, and scorpions. Now I think I’m ready. It’s time to give my blog knees a break and stand up on wobbly blog legs. It’s time to pull the […]

  • A Classic Wreck

    It all started in a ’77 faded red Buick Skylark. The engine was stellar, the white leather seats unmarred, and the driver a young eighteen-year-old version of clueless personified: me. There I sat behind the wheel on a humid summer morning, cruising backwards country roads on my way to work. Windows down, warm air slapping at my face, and […]

  • A Marriage Worth Saving

    My husband and I recently celebrated our tenth year of marriage. My surprise at how fast that milestone has come is surpassed only by how many of our friends’ marriages have collapsed along the way. Couples who were as vibrant and playful with each other as we are, whose faces and smiles grace the pages of our […]