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Culturally Imagined Stories

Tag: california

  • Fireworks Fugitive

    As the 4th draws near and millions clamor to their neighborhood fireworks stands to buy up the last of anything available, I recall some not so warm and fuzzy memories I’ve had to endure courtesy of my “he-keeps-it-interesting” husband Jon (pictured above¬†with our son¬†and my brother-in-law). His love of holiday explosives is, to put it…

  • Sounds like Thunder…Oklahoma Style!

    I gave up following professional basketball nearly ten years ago. Why? I suffered a heartbreak that still pinches whenever the memory is dredged up. May 26, 2002. The Sacramento Kings – my home team – were closer than they’d ever been to the championship round. They were leading the hated Lakers 2-1 in the series,…

  • The Scorpion Chronicles – First Encounter

    When most people hear the term “Just dropping in,” they think of an unexpected knock at the door by a familiar face. At worst, they’re inconvenienced by the need to go throw on something decent and kick items under the couch. No one associates the phrase with a scorpion landing on your head, then getting…

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