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  • Truth or Fiction Story 2 – Starting Over

    It’s Truth or Fiction Tuesday! To be eligible to win the $25 Amazon gift card remember to cast your vote using the comments box. For detailed instructions click here. Starting Over Divorce is not an option. It was a committment they’d made before they married and a slogan they’d quoted in the years since. Natalie […]

  • Truth or Fiction Story 1 – Eyewitness Testimony

    It’s Truth or Fiction Tuesday! Just a few reminders: To be eligible to win the $25 USD Amazon gift e-card giveaway, you must comment whether you think the story is true or fiction in the REPLY/COMMENTS section. You also earn extra entries when you share the link on your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, and note in […]

  • Truth or Fiction Tuesdays, With a Giveaway on the Side

    It’s almost time!!! A couple of weeks ago I posted about upcoming fiction blogging. As promised, the first two chapters of my debut novel were posted here for little over a week, but have since been removed in order to comply with the rules of an upcoming contest I intend to enter. But no worries. […]

  • Bring on the Fiction!

    It’s been a few months now. I’ve learned to crawl through this blog thing–post a bit about writing, topics related to my book plot, random everyday me stuff, and scorpions. Now I think I’m ready. It’s time to give my blog knees a break and stand up on wobbly blog legs. It’s time to pull the […]

  • Book Review of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne & David King

    I loved, loved, loved this book! And at the risk of breaking the “once is usually enough” rule I’ll say it again, I loved this book! Writing, like any other art form, might be born a talent; but it will soon die without some level of technique. In Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, Browne & King […]

  • Writing Contest!

      The deadline is fast approaching for the CWOW (Christian Writers of the West) Phoenix Rattler Contest! Are you an unpublished author or an author whose last publication was at least five years ago? This contest is for you! Submit ten pages of your manuscript (manuscript does not have to be completed) by the September 1st deadline for […]

  • Shoot for Your Dreams

    We returned from the shooting range. My brother-in-law, proud of the design he’d put in his target, whipped out his smartphone to show my great-grandmother. She peered at the image, smiled sweetly, then patted his knee. “That’s alright, sugar. Just keep practicing and you’ll get it.” At first glance, guns and dreams have little in […]

  • A Classic Wreck

    It all started in a ’77 faded red Buick Skylark. The engine was stellar, the white leather seats unmarred, and the driver a young eighteen-year-old version of clueless personified: me. There I sat behind the wheel on a humid summer morning, cruising backwards country roads on my way to work. Windows down, warm air slapping at my face, and […]

  • A Marriage Worth Saving

    My husband and I recently celebrated our tenth year of marriage. My surprise at how fast that milestone has come is surpassed only by how many of our friends’ marriages have collapsed along the way. Couples who were as vibrant and playful with each other as we are, whose faces and smiles grace the pages of our […]

  • Just Write Already!

    The hardest part about being a writer…writing. Easy are the ideas, the excitement over the ideas, anticipation of the type of impact the book will have and the response it will receive, and even daydreams of how it all plays out on the big screen. But when I finally scoot up to the computer (after completing random […]