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  • Rich, Famous, Poor…And More

    Do you remember the game RFP-MASH? It consisted of a rectangle with three lines drawn to the left (with the names of three love interests on them), three lines drawn to the right (with the names of three dream cars), RFP – MASH written across the top (standing for rich, famous, poor – mansion, apartment, shack, […]

  • Kids Come With! To China and Beyond…

    I’ve parasailed in the Bahamas, snorkeled the reefs of Hawa’ii, traipsed the rainforests of Puerto Rico, and danced the meke in Fiji; none of which – as awesome as they were – outshines one of my latest escapades: hiking up the great wall of China…with a twenty pound baby strapped to my front. Oh, and her kindergarten […]

  • Fireworks Fugitive

    As the 4th draws near and millions clamor to their neighborhood fireworks stands to buy up the last of anything available, I recall some not so warm and fuzzy memories I’ve had to endure courtesy of my “he-keeps-it-interesting” husband Jon (pictured above with our son and my brother-in-law). His love of holiday explosives is, to put it […]

  • Sounds like Thunder…Oklahoma Style!

    I gave up following professional basketball nearly ten years ago. Why? I suffered a heartbreak that still pinches whenever the memory is dredged up. May 26, 2002. The Sacramento Kings – my home team – were closer than they’d ever been to the championship round. They were leading the hated Lakers 2-1 in the series, […]

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to my blog! Here you will be able to follow me on my journey as I write, edit, seek publication, discover new characters, and toss around my thoughts about life in general!