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Walk it Out

feet walking

El interés tiene pies.

It’s a Spanish phrase that often comes back to haunt me when I find myself making excuses not to do something. The literal translation? Interest has feet.

Who has What?!?” you ask. Stay with me, the meaning is a bit more profound.

Many of us have approached a prospect or task at one time or another with the following attitude:

I’d like to be able to, BUT…

I wish I could help you, BUT…

I need to finish writing that today, BUT…

We express an intention, then chase it with a determination not to do the thing. El interés tiene pies says if you really wanted to do it, you’d drop the excuses and get it done.

We might argue that it’s not always that simple. But most times, it really is. We excuse ourselves time and again out of opportunities and obligations, sometimes for fear of failure or lack of passion, other times out of sheer convenience. Yet the less we make excuses and the more we act, the more impact we have on the world and those around us.

If one is to live up to one’s purpose, one must be purposeful.

El interés tiene pies.

Put some feet on that torso of a task, and get to stepping.

4 responses to “Walk it Out”

  1. Great thoughts! I agree, often when I don’t do something, it’s because I chose to do something else (usually less important) instead. Great perspective check here, Tanara. Thanks!


    • I hear you, Jeanne. I struggle most when it’s something that intimidates me. Staring it in the face and calling it what it is, however, usually helps me snap out of it. And like you, that often happens after I’ve done something less important, like scavenge through my Netflix queue :-). Blessings.


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