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I’m going to keep this short. Because I’m supposed to be spending this week just enjoying my family, resting up, and


The girl in the picture has the view I’m missing, but at least I keep a steaming hot cup of luxury on my reading table. So I’m good.

Now back to the update on ACFW, one of the biggest writers conferences in the country and, if I base it on the experience I had, one of the best.

The worship was BEYOND amazing. Not just in the general sessions, but the entire time. God was so present my spirit just kept talking to Him and basking in Him throughout the day each day. It was rich and precious.

I didn’t meet a writer friend. I met many! A small cluster of us in different stages of our writing careers formed a critique group (super excited about that) and three special ladies–Caryl, Susie, and Ms. Susan–won my heart.


I had two appointments. In the first I got wonderful feedback, direction, and insight. I left encouraged. The second was not the best experience, but a breakthrough came from it, so I can only be grateful.

There is a temptation among all writers–whether fleeting or something they struggle with throughout their careers–to write to the trends or what is most likely to sell or become a bestseller, etc.

I encountered that temptation. And in the same day God crushed it. May it stay forever crushed.

I took a writing class taught by Mr. James Scott Bell. The man is gifted. And funny. Now I’ve got all these crazy ideas about how I can challenge myself, improve my writing, make the lives of my messy characters even messier, and complex plots deep and unpredictable.

I might try some of it out on you all. Maybe another short story series like last year’s Truth or Fiction Tuesdays. Except this one can be a genre series where I sharpen my skills by writing in genres I’ve never done. We’ll see. The biggest challenge in a series like that would be the speculative/sci-fi/fantasy genre. Love to read the stuff; I’m amazed by the worlds those authors create.

Dreaming up a whole new world myself, in a short story less than 1,500 words…I’m…getting……nothing. Except unicorns. Oh, and scorpions. Yeah. We might wanna leave that alone.

But I digress.

In conclusion. ACFW was great. Your prayers were heard. God blessed me with more than I could’ve hoped for, confirmed the call He’s placed on my life, renewed my passion and my obedience, then brought me home to the most amazing man and precious little people in my world.

I’m grateful. I praise Him. And I’m ready to tell some stories.

To view pictures of my time in Indianapolis visit my Facebook page or Instagram :-).