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Paper or Plastic?

Aside from your regularly scheduled writing time (you do have that don’t you????) how do you write when spontaneous inspiration hits? Do you grab a notepad and scribble away?


Or do you drum your fingers while waiting for the computer to boot up (or your tablet to charge, or your kid to pause Angry Birds on your smartphone :-))?


Though I used to be ever so proud of my fancy handwriting back in my high school days, it has since become chicken scratch, and I can’t stand to write longhand unless I absolutely have to. I already write my name like I’ve signed a million autographs. I can’t imagine trying to decipher notes scrawled in the dead of night while half asleep.

Yet some still relish the novelty of pen against pad.

Which do you prefer?

9 responses to “Paper or Plastic?”

  1. I usually grab a piece of paper to write down my ideas and store them in a drawer. Also, I’m trying out a new web-based text app called Flowriter. I can log in and jot down my ideas where they’re organized and close at hand. When I sit down to write posts and stories, though, it’s straight to my trusty laptop (or desktop if I’m doing photo work).


    • Having a place to store notes on loose paper is a good idea. Doing the hefty stuff electronically also saves times so you don’t have to write then type it. Thanks for sharing :-).


    • A writer of to-do lists and quick notes maybe. Pen and paper for a writer of 90k+ words is like asking the modern day mom to go outside and butcher the nightly protein. Things of the past belong in the past my friend :-).


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