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Week 7 Book 7: A Review of Truth Stained Lies by Terri Blackstock

truth stained lies

Ever since the murder of her police officer fiancée, and the perp’s bogus acquittal, Cathy Cramer has been using her law background and a high-profile blog to help keep other murderers from getting away with their crimes.

But prosecuting defendants in the court of public opinion wins her more than national recognition and a faithful following. Cathy has enemies armed with death threats. It’s a risk she’s willing to take, until she receives a letter that proves to be more than a bluff.

In Terri Blackstock’s Truth Stained Lies, Cathy’s brother is framed for murdering his estranged wife. Now Cathy is faced with the reality that things are not always as they appear–something she never fully respected in her blog commentaries. Soon it’s a race against the clock to prove her brother’s innocence, and to find the true killer before he can strike again.

Written in a simple but effective style, this debut in Blackstock’s Moonlighters Series  is a great read. The pacing was quick, entertaining, and full of suspense. There were several characters and a couple of sub-plots (some fully developed and others just touched on) but everything ultimately tied into and/or enhanced the main story in such a way that none of it was distracting.

The main character, Cathy, had three siblings, all of whom were important to the story. Though they came from the same background, Blackstock took pains to make sure each sibling was as different as the seasons, and she created a family dynamic that was realistic. The faith elements were believable, redemptive, challenging…and precious.

Some parts of the plot were slightly predictable, but the story as a whole was so intriguing that I couldn’t put the book down until it was over. Even when the killer is revealed the reader is left to stress about how, when, or if he/she will be caught.  I literally flew through the pages in one night.

In the end, Truth Stained Lies wasn’t just read, it was experienced. I teared-up, hoped, paced, praised God, took self-stock, and smiled when I put it down. I gave it four out of five stars.

This book concludes my Seven Books in Seven Weeks Series, and will be included in the giveaway. Stay tuned next week for information about the book giveaways!

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