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Critters & Estrogen

As a child everything was fair game:

Gutting fish I’d caught with my dad, baiting hooks with worms, or catching and hooking large grasshoppers when worms weren’t available. Myth-sized spider? Step on it and keep moving. Wouldn’t even flinch.

Sometime along the journey, however, I traded in my tomboy toughness for a generous helping of girlie-girl jitters. Now critters make me jumpy. So when I discovered yesterday that my mint plant had been destroyed overnight by a horde of caterpillars, instead of:


I was all like:


Removing the greedy little beasts was a job for braver souls: my kids.

I blame it on the estrogen.

First image courtesy of marin/FreeDigitalPhotos.net, Second image courtesy of anankkml/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

14 responses to “Critters & Estrogen”

  1. I had one green caterpillar on my precious little mint plant and I was ridiculously proud of myself when I managed to pick it off with my bare fingers and squish it on the ground. With very little remorse–maybe a teeny bit.


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