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It’s My Anniversary!


Not my marriage anniversary, though the 11th one will be here soon (I swear I just wrote something about the 10th a few weeks ago).

But anyhow, it’s my one year blogging anniversary. And honestly, I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t received a “Happy Anniversary” notice from the server.

Where…on earth…does the time go?

It doesn’t seem like it’s been that long. Though it should, since I drag every single blog post out of me kicking and screaming and jaw-set determined not to make it past the draft stage.

But, alas, I’ve been here a year. And I’ve met some great people. And I’ve learned many wonderful things. And I’ve resisted the urge to read and delete my first-days-on-campus posts, and instead trudged forward to keep posting and find my way and my own voice in this vast community.

There’ve been mistakes and lessons learned. Laughs with and prayers for strangers. Testimonies and praise about who my God is and the wonderful things He does.

And I appreciate every grueling moment of it. Thanks to everyone who’s been a part of this journey with me through likes, comments, messages, and prayers. Here’s to the past year and, Lord willing, the year to come.

God bless!

6 responses to “It’s My Anniversary!”

  1. Congratulations! For me, setting up a blog with WordPress has led to lots of good things, and I’ve met loads of lovely people. Well done and keep up the great work!


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