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Valentine Epic Fails


For many, yesterday was a day of romantic bliss – a pause in the hectic day-to-dayness of life when they were able to wallow in the attention, affection, and generosity of their loved one.

And for others…um, not quite.

I had a long conversation with a friend last night who, though she would love for me to say just who he is and subject him to the wrath of this passionate cyber community, I will leave unnamed.

Her hurt feelings over the gift she received was only slightly surpassed by her anger over it. And though I knew she had a right to be upset, I couldn’t help laughing about the infamous V-day failure her man had succumbed to. Because, believe it or not, many a good man has been “that guy” at one time or another.

And don’t worry, I let her know that I was not laughing at her, but laughing with her, with all the proper indignation the situation called for.

As we swapped stories of past gifting bloopers, even our own, I decided to find out what stories you girls (and guys) might have about a Valentine’s Day gift that was an epic fail.

This is not to incite trouble or re-ignite old anger, but instead we want to get a good laugh out of it, recognize that it happens, forgive and move on (Forgiving one another even as God in Christ forgave you, Ephesians 4:32).

In keeping with the “It’s the thought that counts” theme, post your gift, then the correlating thought that goes with it. I’ll use my friend’s gift as an example.

Gift: Fitness Magazine

Thought: I thought you should lay off the chocolate and do a couple crunches.

Oh my, I’m in stitches all over again :-).

With that in mind, what’s your Valentine Epic Fail story?



4 responses to “Valentine Epic Fails”

  1. Tanara,
    You did not relate whether the whole idea of fitness for her was really a needed endeavor. Admitting that V-day might not have been the perfect day, still there may have been a component that said, “I want you around for a lot longer than your current state and habits statistically predict.”
    And, I once got my wife and daughter a survival-type knife to keep in the car to cut seat belts or defend against a kidnap car-jacker. Not well received.


    • You’re right I did leave out how applicable the gift might have been. The fitness magazine was indeed a practical gift, because my friend has decided to pursue a healthier lifestyle. But, like your survival knife (I couldn’t help laughing when you wrote “not well received”) Valentine’s Day was not the best day to give it. We were able to get a good laugh out of it after a while. And now he knows for next year, poor guy.


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