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For many, yesterday was a day of romantic bliss – a pause in the hectic day-to-dayness of life when they were able to wallow in the attention, affection, and generosity of their loved one.

And for others…um, not quite.

I had a long conversation with a friend last night who, though she would love for me to say just who he is and subject him to the wrath of this passionate cyber community, I will leave unnamed.

Her hurt feelings over the gift she received was only slightly surpassed by her anger over it. And though I knew she had a right to be upset, I couldn’t help laughing about the infamous V-day failure her man had succumbed to. Because, believe it or not, many a good man has been “that guy” at one time or another.

And don’t worry, I let her know that I was not laughing at her, but laughing with her, with all the proper indignation the situation called for.

As we swapped stories of past gifting bloopers, even our own, I decided to find out what stories you girls (and guys) might have about a Valentine’s Day gift that was an epic fail.

This is not to incite trouble or re-ignite old anger, but instead we want to get a good laugh out of it, recognize that it happens, forgive and move on (Forgiving one another even as God in Christ forgave you, Ephesians 4:32).

In keeping with the “It’s the thought that counts” theme, post your gift, then the correlating thought that goes with it. I’ll use my friend’s gift as an example.

Gift: Fitness Magazine

Thought: I thought you should lay off the chocolate and do a couple crunches.

Oh my, I’m in stitches all over again :-).

With that in mind, what’s your Valentine Epic Fail story?