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  • The Elevator Pitch

    I wrote this almost a year ago. Now that my story is finally ready for the pitching stage, I thought it appropriate to share again :-). The elevator pitch. In the writing world, it’s a short summary of your book that can be told to a prospective agent/editor/publisher in the time it takes to get […]

  • A Classic Wreck

    It all started in a ’77 faded red Buick Skylark. The engine was stellar, the white leather seats unmarred, and the driver a young eighteen-year-old version of clueless personified: me. There I sat behind the wheel on a humid summer morning, cruising backwards country roads on my way to work. Windows down, warm air slapping at my face, and […]

  • Book Review of Amy Inspired by Bethany Pierce

    Amy Gallagher’s life epitomizes the aspiring writer’s worst fears: extra time to write spent doing everything but writing, additional rejections on pieces that have already been rejected, and a love life as unreliable as a magazine article on dating. In Amy Inspired by Bethany Pierce, the reader finds Amy at an impasse. If she continues […]