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  • A Wrecked Perspective

    “In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:18 Recently, on a day like any other, my three kids and I set out for an evening of gymnastics and Kenpo practice, with a potential coffee stop squeezed in. The smell of mint wafted from […]

  • Deleted Scenes

    Ever watch the deleted scenes of a movie? Better yet, ever watch the deleted scenes of an animated movie? If you’d asked me that question ten years and three kids ago, my response might’ve been an incredulous, “What on earth for?” Nowadays, however, it’s an all-wise sounding, “But of course.” In the world of writing (an […]

  • God Speaks. Are You Listening?

    Drake was by all appearances a super-Christian… Check out a valuable lesson learned in my walk with God as I share one of my early experiences as a Christian. You can find the story at A Pew Perspective, where I am guest blogging today.

  • Abortion…As Viewed by a Child

    My twins voted yesterday. It was a cute little school event–their decisions based on factors such as which candidate owns a pet or has kids they can play with. At home they were proud as they showed off their “I Voted” stickers and compared them to mine. Then out of the blue my daughter asked me, “What does […]