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Tag: parenting

  • Tongue on Fire

    My son hovered over the boneless, tasty looking mango-habanero chicken wings with a gleam in his eye. “Don’t touch ’em son,” I told him. “They’re too spicy. We saved you the others.” He grabbed his wings, satisfied enough, but greedily licked the sauce from a finger that had grazed the forbidden ones. The small taste set […]

  • Not Your Daughter’s Music

      “Mom, you okay?” “Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?” “I heard you yelling.” And that, my friends, sums up my shower singing skills.

  • Two Are Better…

    Tears are never as bleak when there is someone to wipe them away…

  • Parents Just Don’t Understand!

    “When you become a parent you’ll understand.” Most of us hear this infamous prediction as teenagers. It typically comes on the heels of what we feel is some great injustice to our independence and the ability to express ourselves as soon-to-be-adults. We twist our mouths as if sucking on a lime, mutter a reply we […]

  • Abortion…As Viewed by a Child

    My twins voted yesterday. It was a cute little school event–their decisions based on factors such as which candidate owns a pet or has kids they can play with. At home they were proud as they showed off their “I Voted” stickers and compared them to mine. Then out of the blue my daughter asked me, “What does […]