Tanara McCauley

Culturally Imagined Stories

Tag: imperfect

  • Rich, Famous, Poor…And More

    Do you remember the game RFP-MASH? It consisted of a rectangle with three lines drawn to the left (with the names of three love interests on them), three lines drawn to the right (with the names of three dream cars), RFP – MASH written across the top (standing for rich, famous, poor – mansion, apartment, shack, […]

  • A Classic Wreck

    It all started in a ’77 faded red Buick Skylark. The engine was stellar, the white leather seats unmarred, and the driver a young eighteen-year-old version of clueless personified: me. There I sat behind the wheel on a humid summer morning, cruising backwards country roads on my way to work. Windows down, warm air slapping at my face, and […]