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  • Iselle

    Iselle is the only member of our family who hasn’t been to Hawai’i. So imagine my surprise when I got a text from my sister, “Iselle’s headed to Hawai’i?” Then another text from a friend joking about the title “Hurricane” matching my daughter’s personality. Indeed it does. The little four-year-old shouts, “Boom, baby!” when it’s […]

  • Kids Come With! To China and Beyond…

    I’ve parasailed¬†in the Bahamas, snorkeled¬†the reefs of Hawa’ii, traipsed the rainforests of Puerto Rico, and danced the meke in Fiji; none of which – as awesome as they were – outshines one of my latest escapades: hiking up the great wall of China…with a twenty pound baby strapped to my front. Oh, and her kindergarten […]