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Culturally Imagined Stories

Tag: Christian

  • Twice the Miracle

    I could tell by the look in the nurse’s eyes she wasn’t sure I understood what she was saying. We stared at each other, she with one brow lifted in question for some sign of comprehension on my end; me drifting inside myself with a host of “what if’s” tumbling through my mind. My twins, […]

  • Too Fat to Fly

    But those who wait on the Lord…they shall mount up with wings like eagles. The other morning I pulled up to my driveway and encountered the fattest pigeon I’ve ever laid eyes on. After the initial shock of seeing its size, I wanted to see it move out of my parking spot. I approached, fully expecting […]

  • Tongue on Fire

    My son hovered over the boneless, tasty looking mango-habanero chicken wings with a gleam in his eye. “Don’t touch ’em son,” I told him. “They’re too spicy. We saved you the others.” He grabbed his wings, satisfied enough, but greedily licked the sauce from a finger that had grazed the forbidden ones. The small taste set […]

  • Have You Leapt Yet?

    Nothing is more disastrous than to study faith, analyze faith, make noble reservations of faith, but never actually to make the leap of faith. -Vance Havner So the question is: have you leapt yet?

  • Touching Lives With Distant Hands

    Compassion Sunday is almost here. April 21, 2013 is a day of hope for thousands of children who live in impoverished conditions around the world. It’s also a day of opportunity for the rest of us–an opportunity to share our blessings and touch the lives of these children by sponsoring a child. Proverbs 19:17 reads, […]

  • My Iron Sharpener

    A friend loves at all times… (Proverbs 17:17) Ten years ago she stood behind me fastening the last clasp on my wedding dress. She adjusted my veil, told me I looked beautiful, then reminded me of the signal I was supposed to use if – before the “I do’s” – I had a single doubt […]

  • Marriage Part I: The Model

    I was ten years old when I watched my great-grandparents renew their wedding vows on their fiftieth anniversary. Though any other time I would’ve been itching to get out of my dress and hair bows so I could run off and play, I was mesmerized by the love that shone out of those two faces who’d […]

  • Two Are Better…

    Tears are never as bleak when there is someone to wipe them away…

  • It’s About Giving – Angel Tree

    Christmas is almost here. In a little less than three weeks the preparations of shopping, wrapping, planning, gift-swapping parties, egg-nog drinking and stocking stuffing will come to a head. Wrapping paper will be ripped and tossed, and new possessions will either be hoisted above heads with exuberant thanksgiving, or become the victims of secret plots […]

  • Whadaya Mean There’s a Process? – Part 1

    I may be assuming a lot when I write this, but I doubt I’m the only writer who figured once they finally got around to finishing that first novel, all they would need to do is call up a few publishers, let them know the newest best seller was finally done, and whittle out the details […]