Tanara McCauley

Culturally Imagined Stories

Tag: calling

  • The Cookie Jar

    “A cookie jar, though beautiful, will always disappoint if found empty.” My cookie jar is empty. It’s seen a batch or two–maybe–in the months since I returned home from Mount Hermon’s Christian Writers Conference; but for the most part it’s been unoccupied. Relieved of duty. Free of tenants. And for a while I blamed my […]

  • Shoot for Your Dreams

    We returned from the shooting range. My brother-in-law, proud of the design he’d put in his target, whipped out his smartphone to show my great-grandmother. She peered at the image, smiled sweetly, then patted his knee. “That’s alright, sugar. Just keep practicing and you’ll get it.” At first glance, guns and dreams have little in […]