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  • A Book Review of Shattered by Dani Pettrey

    It isn’t everyday that Piper McKenna gets to see her youngest brother Reef. So when he shows up unexpected after several years absence, Piper’s initial reaction is one of joy. Then Reef returns the same night covered in the blood of someone newly murdered. Certain her brother is incapable of violence, Piper is willing to […]

  • Book Review of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne & David King

    I loved, loved, loved this book! And at the risk of breaking the “once is usually enough” rule I’ll say it again, I loved this book! Writing, like any other art form, might be born a talent; but it will soon die without some level of technique. In Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, Browne & King […]

  • Book Review of The Breakthrough by Jerry B. Jenkins

    Newly promoted Chief Boone Drake has endured more than his share of hardship. After losing his first family in a fire, being shot in the line of duty, and uncovering the betrayal of a fellow officer, The Breakthrough by Jerry B. Jenkins finds Boone in yet another high stakes predicament involving his new family. His […]

  • Book Review of Amy Inspired by Bethany Pierce

    Amy Gallagher’s life epitomizes the aspiring writer’s worst fears: extra time to write spent doing everything but writing, additional rejections on pieces that have already been rejected, and a love life as unreliable as a magazine article on dating. In Amy Inspired by Bethany Pierce, the reader finds Amy at an impasse. If she continues […]