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Culturally Imagined Stories

Bring on the Fiction!

It’s been a few months now. I’ve learned to crawl through this blog thing–post a bit about writing, topics related to my book plot, random everyday me stuff, and scorpions.

Now I think I’m ready. It’s time to give my blog knees a break and stand up on wobbly blog legs. It’s time to pull the pages away from my chest, place a few of them gently down on the digital table and push them across to the other side.

I’m a fiction writer. It’s time to start posting some fiction.

Drum roll please…and a red carpet…maybe some long stem–but I digress.

Enter the first two chapters of my debut novel When Morning Comes. Next Saturday I will post a link here to my website at tanaramccauley.com where the chapters will be in PDF format. UPDATE: These chapters were posted as promised but have since been removed in order to comply with the rules of an upcoming contest that I intend to enter. If and when I am able to re-post them I will notify my readers through a new blog post. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Then, to keep that fiction coming, I’ll be starting a series in October called Truth or Fiction Tuesdays. These short stories will be 1500 words or less and will read like fiction, but some of them will actually be based on fact. It will be up to you, the reader, to vote and decide which. I’ll be wearing my sly-as-a-fox hat, so don’t think guessing will be easy. The payoff for your efforts? A giveaway at the end of the series. All who participate will be entered into the drawing. I’ll post more details later.

In addition to these, I’ll continue this month with my Blogging for Compassion campaign with Compassion International for child sponsorship; and I’ll blog other posts that, on their way through my head, stop and rest a while. I may even let you in on a scorpion hunt video we taped when we had visitors (not committed to that one yet, as video has shown me that I talk urgently, loudly, and much too much when there are scorpions involved).

Stay tuned, chime in, and get ready for me to bring on the fiction!

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